The Cat with the Really Big Head

It was a great pleasure to have worked with Roman Dirge and Titan for the re-release of this book, containing both ‘Cat with the Really Big Head’ and ‘Monsters in My Tummy’.



monsters45_greymonsters45 - RGB 72ppiRoman had long since lost contact with the original artwork for both ‘Cat’ and ‘Monsters’, so I worked with the scans of the original publications by Slave Labor Graphics: blowing them up, re-inking them, and then going the extra step of colouring. You can get an idea of the start and end points from these two images.

It was good fun being able to revisit these two books that I loved so much. It gave me an opportunity to go back through various books and coloured artwork that Roman has created in the past in order to capture the right tone.

She’s now out in all good book and comic shops and, of course, online retailers like Amazon.